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Scout the Golden Retriever
27 September 2011 @ 11:10 am
You must be wondering why there has been a paws in the updating of this journal. You may not believe it but I am a dreadfully busy dog. I have been busy avoiding Mommy and her new toy, the iphone. Ever since she got an iphone, she has been stalking me with it, taking pictures of everything and anything. I found the following picture in her phone:

No doggy expression escapes Mommy's iphone.

I have to insist on this: No more pawtos please!!!!!

Scout the Golden Retriever
30 March 2011 @ 01:32 am

Hello One And All!

I am sorry I have not been updating. There's been a huge change in my life recently and I have been trying to adapt to this change. This change has resulted in Mommy being home a lot and it's very tiring for me to keep her entertained all day. Please check out the pictorial evidence:

It's Tough Making The Bed When You Have No Thumbs

Reading Books WIth Mommy Makes Me Zzzleepy

Living Life On The Edge These Days

It's a dog's life!!

Scout the Golden Retriever
22 October 2010 @ 10:18 am

I received a present yesterday!!

It was a BIG FISH BOX!!!!!!!

I could sniff its goodness a mile away (PS: Fluffy is that you modelling for the Big Fish Box?)

Begging Mommy to keep the camera and to open my big fish box already.

Look at all the loot!! OH MY PAWS!!

Mommy tried to get a picture of me wolfing down the snacks but her camera was too slow to capture me in the act!!

Scout the Golden Retriever
03 October 2010 @ 12:44 pm

Last night, I was lazing in front of my fan when I heard Daddy's car coming back so I got ready to be the one-dog welcoming party again. The moment they got home, I knew something was different. Instead of 'smelling a rat', I noted the scent of something else... it was the scent of another dog! Which wasn't me!! Oh My Paws! 

While I could smell the evidence, I needed something more to make sure I was right. Therefore I checked Mommy's camera and to my utter disappointment, this was what I found:

I COULD NOT BELIEVE MY EYES. Even I fell in love a bit with the puppy in the pictures, and I was sure Mommy and Daddy did too! I sulked for a bit and considered calling SPCA to report this act of cruel abuse but I did not because I guess they knew I was upset so this was what they did to make up for it:

- more yoghurt in my dinner last night
- extra long walk after dinner
- extra praise
- tummy rubs at about 3am when I asked Mommy for it
- sleeping on the bed when Daddy went to work today
- a slice of cheese

Apparently this cute furball is called Dopey, and she is my cousin. Mommy told me I should not be jealous of my own cousin so I shall try not to be... Dopey, do read this blog often! Learn all the wise ways of the canine trade from me!

Scout the Golden Retriever
13 September 2010 @ 10:20 am

Because it was Mommy's birthday, Daddy brought us to Botanical Gardens for a picnic. I had a lot of fun although it was a bit warm. When I reached the gardens, the first thing I did was go 'WHAT THE WHAT THE WHAT THE' at everything and anything from new grass patches to trees to people to cars to rocks.

What the! What the! (Daddy not impressed with my notti boy attitude that day)

Check out my new feeding bowls! They are from Mommy's friends. I think it's very good that they give me presents on her birthday. Heehee. These bowls are non toxic and lead free! Please check out 12buy.sg for more information!

Looking at the food on the picnic mat instead of the camera

I think I need a bigger cap

Looking cool with shades!

I had a really great day, and I wish Mommy had her birthday everyday!!

Scout the Golden Retriever
09 September 2010 @ 09:52 am

Mommy likes to call me many things and sometimes it confuses me and the people around us!

My name is Scout but I am also known as Scoutie, Bocky, Baobao, Bao Qi, ChanChan, Channy and Chanipokasaurus. She only calls me 'Scout' when I am in trouble.

Anyway, the neighbour said hi to me just now and Mommy got a shock cos the neighbour called me 'ChanChan'. She then figured out it must be because she says, 'Oh ChanChan' the moment she comes home from work everyday. Yes, that's how loud your voice is, Mommy!

Sometimes she calls Daddy ChanChan too and we end up being terribly confused!!

Ending off with a picture I took recently with Mommy.

Mommy making a face because I gave her a channychanchan fart!

Scout the Golden Retriever
02 September 2010 @ 09:06 am

About 2 days ago, I had my monthly cluster of fits again. I chose a school holiday to begin my cluster of fits so Mommy can be home to take care of me. Mommy says I am very smart. Of course I am!! Let me tell you more about how smart I am. This post is especially good for all canine friends who read this journal!

I know how to pawmunicate with Mommy and Daddy. This is very important because as a dog, I have many needs.

When I need to peepee, I place my paw on Mommy's shoulder. Once she feels my paw on her shoulder, she will wake up and bring me to the toilet.

When I want to have a snack, I place my paw on her shoulder, and when she brings me to the kitchen, I will do a mad dance around where the kibble is kept. She will then give me a snack.

When I want to go for a walk, I will bite my leash and she will get the hint. She has not learnt this very well though. Sometimes, she doesn't bring me out despite me telling her I want to go for a walk. This usually happens when I wake her at about 3am. Not sure why she's so lazy!

When I am about to have a fit, I start acting weird. For example, I may jump up on the bed even though Daddy is there, or I may make crying noises. She will wake up and prepare towels and make sure I am in a safe location.

When I am sleepy, I will go to her and make grumpy noises. She will then prepare my bed and quilt and pat me till I fall asleep.

Finally, always make sure you are the centre of attention!! Lie on the newspapers! Sit on the laptop!! Lie on her lap!! Bite her book and don't let go!! A dog should be the centre of their owner's world!!

See!! It's very simple being Attention Seeking!

See how important pawmunication is? It's great to be understood. Remember!! Training your owner is key to a happy doggy life!!

It's a dog's life, I tell ya!




Scout the Golden Retriever
20 July 2010 @ 09:45 am

im not sure why mommy and daddy go to work everyday when they could stay home and zzz instead!

Scout the Golden Retriever
09 May 2010 @ 03:53 am
It is an odd time to be awake but I just had two fits and while pacing around the room, I had this thought. Epilepsy has made mommy and I look for 'the good side' to every bad situation I go through.

Like this time, I had a really long fit but the good thing was that it was not like that time when I had 5 fits in a row.

This time, I paced the room for much longer but at least I can still walk.

This time I peed during my fit but at least it was all on my quilt and not my bed and that's easier for mommy to wash.

This time I had a fit on a weekend night and not a weekday night so mommy can stay up all night to take care of me without worrying about being too tired for work the next day.

This time I fitted in the middle of the night and everyone's sleep was interrupted but that's better because everyone is around and I am less confused and frightened. Sometimes I fit in the middle of the day when no one is around and that can be quite frightening.

And finally, mommy says the best thing is this time I'm still alive to tell the tail.

See, it is all about looking for the best thing is every pawsibble situation! Off to bug mommy to hug me to sleep. Post-fit, she will always feel sorry for me and will hug me to sleep on her bed all night! Throwing a fit can sometimes be a really good thing!
Current Mood: gratefulgrateful
Scout the Golden Retriever
28 April 2010 @ 02:08 pm

I was looking through my older entries and I realised something. My eggzema is nearly gone! This is all thanks to Uncle Tai Way (who owns my favourite pet shop: see sidebar for his shop address).

Uncle Tai Way told my mommy to stop feeding me chicken-based products and to stick to fish-based products, and also told us to use a milder floor cleaning detergent at home. My skin is a million times better now, and I look so much better!


Before (3 years ago):

See the red rings around my eyes and face!


So handsome without eggzema!